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Off White Fabric


As a longtime student and practitioner of the Natural & Spiritual Worlds, and as a way of directly supporting people, I have created a heart-led career sharing my nurturing gifts with others.

On a mission to be of service to others,  I am honored and happy to be of support, walking alongside you upon our paths of healing.

Now with over a decade of study and experience in the Healing Arts has resulted in my practice known as Sarah Glover Skincare & Wellness Center. 

 As a licensed Practitioner,  I skillfully bring science and spirit together for healing.  As a woman of prayer and student of life, my mission is to curate a high-vibrational, nurturing environment that supports my guests on their self-care and self-actualization journeys. 

Guiding you with unparalleled expertise, care and grace.  I strive to raise the frequency of our planet by starting within.  When we live in a state of distraction we often forget that we have a heart and a self that lives within us that needs love and attention.  I am so excited to be weaving a space where we can come together and share our journeys.  Realign with our hearts and our deepest selves.


I am excited to announce that I am leading heart based meditations.


Coming soon to my website.


Love ALL ways,

Sarah Anne 

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