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Hi little creature...what are you telling me?

Every morning I see this little creature climbing up this tree. Every morning he has something new to say to me. I love him!

Most mornings I feel like snow white walking my same path each day. I see the same critters. The same birds, squirrels, bunnies, coyotes, foxes, hawks, skunks - you name it. Over this year with walking each morning at the same time most days - I am part of the cyclical patterns. They are used to my energy. I talk with them. They aren't as quick to run away. It is really something special. I will never forget the healing and growth that has taken place in this beautiful Cotuit village. It's where my dad grew up. I feel connected to him most here. I feel as though he is walking right beside me.

If you listen closely, there is so much to hear.

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