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Balancing the Divine Feminine and

Divine Masculine:

Energy Alignment Sessions with Sheree and Taylor

Next date to be announced

12pm - 3pm 

Contact us to reserve your space

6 spaces available

Message me or call 508-274-0155 

~   ~   ~

Sessions are 30 minutes for $45

Sheree and Taylor combine their energies for a unique healing session bringing forth the archetypal energies of the divine masculine and feminine expressions to align these energies within your own body’s matrix, deconstructing and deprogramming old energy patterns, to gently bring you back into your original state of balanced consciousness. Once back into balance your fullest potential is found in accessing the fluid wisdom, creativity and nurturing love of the feminine and the fearless, focused, courageous energy of the masculine. The alignment created by this balanced union supports the frequency for healing, creation and manifestation.

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