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I took these photos on my ride home from work this morning. On my way home to check in with my son and off to visit my mom through her window.

No words today. Lots of feelings. The green orbs bouncing around in my photos were the sign I needed today. We are always being guided. Today was a day I truly dropped into just that.

I love you,

Sarah Anne

Rising Appalachia - I had you on repeat all day today - THANK YOU

“Sometimes I” is a song of nostalgia... of longing...a love of home, and of place. It is an old song, one that took us many years to write and even more years to find its fullest recorded voice. It is a song about belonging to somewhere, and about the ache that comes from separation from that place. It is a song about our lives on the road, stretched all across the globe, far away from familiar places. A song about all the many times where we have longed to return somewhere, to return to a home of sorts. This is a concept that didn’t always wait for us at the other end of our journeys, a home that was not always there. It is also celebration of self, a reclamation of that infinite home that resides inward. That sometimes the deepest depths of beauty can break you wide open, and the tiniest touch of wind can bring you down to your knees in reverence. It is a song about the raw mastication of love. What happens when that freight train takes you over, tiny spout and muddy river... Whisper softly, softly now... It has taken us a long time to find the right voicing of this song, to find the place where it’s full girth can swell and soar. I believe we have that here, and finally, present you the form of this song that has wanted to come through for many years. Let it serve you in these rocky times to bring you back to your inner sense of home. We present to you “Sometimes I “

-Rising Appalachia

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