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New day. New Year. To begin again...

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Every day we have the opportunity to begin again. With the rise of the sun each and every day. This last year I found myself running for that first light. My eyes open, I glance out my window. I can see her beauty - beginning to turn the darkness to light. Every. Single. Day.

I found and continue to find myself racing to get a glance. To be in her presence. To be anointed with such peace and vast beauty. To breath in fresh new air. To have a new awareness every single morning.

The only thing consistent in our life - The rising of the sun and the moon.

To allow myself to connect with this energy has changed my perspective and my daily life.

This day. Today. The first day of a new year - 2021. I got a later start this morning. I allowed myself the morning solitude of our home. Of my 13 year old son fast asleep in his bed. Making my ceremonial cuppa tea which awaits my return.

I wasn't there for her rise. However, It's so wonderful when you see things that are meant for you to see. Which wouldn't have been there if I went earlier in the day.

My walk this morning there was such peace in the air. Not as much traffic about -on foot or on road.

I have hopes to capture this special sacred event each day.

After I have a moment with the sun - I always will snap a picture. This morning I could feel I was being held.

I have a mantra I repeat in my head when times are tough and I am struggling to feel better. Even struggling for the simplest bit of light I can hold onto to get me through hard times. This past year - feeling lost....I spoke with with my dear friend Sheree - I said "I need a mantra. One that is broad and helps to keep me grounded". Sheree shared with me "I am loved and supported. I am safe".

SO simple! Short and to the point! This is helpful when in the space of being taken over by the dark side.

This morning I was walking up a hill repeating my mantra. Speaking outloud as nobody was around. "I am loved and supported. I am safe".

When I got to the top of the hill I turned to the sun.

Closed my eyes and felt her warmth all over me. I felt wings wrapping around me and holding me tight.

The camera catches images that we don't always see with our eyes. I wasn't surprised when I got home and looked at the image I had captured. Meant for me. For us all.


Happy New Year my friends. I am so grateful to be here. I love you.

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