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Which way to go?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Being still allows me to hear and see the signs of which way to go. Most times they appear in the softest way you could imagine. Quieting my mind and allowing my heart to be wide open - always shows me the way.

This particular morning I was at odds with a particular circumstance in my life. I was fumbling with which way to go. With stepping into who I am today and the thoughts of what someone had spewed at me.

With all the self work I have done over the years - I know better than to let the perspective of others creep into my psyche and my heart. However, it can be difficult when you have lived most of your life allowing other peoples opinions of who you are to hold weight in your life. Having allowed others to actually dictate how I feel about myself.

This walk I was making every step a prayer. Holding onto who I know I am today. How hard I work and how big my heart is to love so deeply on many different levels. I knew which way to go! I wanted to go this way - with no guilt or insecurity of my decision. This was my see-saw of thoughts this particular morning. The tears were flowing (for those that know me - know this is how I express most everything in my life).

It had rained the night before my sunrise walk. That morning I did my usual path but the opposite way. In which I wouldn't have seen the sign I feel that was meant for me had I gone my usual path.

After seeing this sign in nature that was screaming at me silently I knew I am loved and supported. I know who I am! I know which way to turn! Aways TO MY HIGHER SELF.

I hear you!

Thank you, universe.

I love you, Sarah Anne

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